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Edward Gilbert 1680 - 1762 Arms & memorial inscription
St Paul’s Walden Bury is a stately home and surrounding gardens located in the village of St Paul's Walden in Hertfordshire.

The house was built of red brick with stone dressings and slate roofs in the early 18th century for Edward Gilbert 1680 - 1762. His daughter Mary married Sir George Bowes of Gibside, Durham, and the estate has been in the possession of the Bowes-Lyon family since 1720.

The gardens are large and set in extensive woodland. Before he became King, on 23rd January 1923, George VI drove up to St Paul’s Walden in his sports car and proposed to the future Queen Mother in the woods at the Bury.
England 3
Claude Lyon-Bowes 13th Earl of Strathmore =
and Kinghorne, born 1824 in Redbourn,
Hertfordshire, died 1904 in Italy
Frances Dora Smith born 1832 in Kent, died 1922 in Chelsea
Elizabeth Angela Marguerita (Lady) Bowes-Lyon =
K.G., K.T. born 1900 in London, died 2002 in
London (H.M. The Queen Mother)
George  VI King of England (Albert Frederick
Arthur) K.G., K.T., K.P. born 1895 at
Sandringham, died 1952 at Sandringham
The Hon Violet
Thomas George Lyon-Bowes (Lord Glamis) 12th Earl of Strathmore =
and Kinghorne, born 1801 in St Pauls Walden, Hertfordshire, died
1834 in Honfleur, Lesieux, Normandy, France
Mary Gilbert 1720 - 1780, of St Paul’s   =
Walden. She died in Hertfordshire and
buried in St Paul’s Walden Church.
1748, Sir George Bowes 1701 -1760 of Streatlam ( HRH Prince Charles’ 6-great
grandfather and Lady Diana’s 9-great uncle). He was a member of parliament and a coal
owner. Sir George married his first wife, the 14 year old Eleanor Verney in 1724 but she died
in the same year. Sir George was son of Thomas Lyon 8th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
Mary Eleanore Bowes =
1749 - 1800 died in
Thomas Lyon-Bowes 11th Earl of Strathmore =
and Kinghorne, born 1773 in Streatlam, died
1846 in Edinburgh
Mary Elizabeth Louisa Rodney
Carpenter born 1773, died 1811
in Warwick
John Bowes 10th Earl of    =
Strathmore and Kinghorne,
born in 1769, died in 1820
Mary Milner, John Bowes’
mistress and common-law
John Bowes born 1811 in London, died  1885 in Streatlam. He  =
did not inherit the title because his parents were not married
at the time of his birth even so he inherited the English
No issue
John Bowes (Lyon) 9th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, born 1737 in Streatam County Durham, died 1776 en route to Lisbon. He was
John Lyon premarital and assumed the name of “Bowes” as a condition of the will of Sir George Bowes in order to inherit the Bowes
estate. They formed the Bowes-Lyon family , one of whose descendents was the late Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon - known as The Queen Mother
Charlotte Grimstead
born 1797, died 1881
in Surreyh
Lady Mary Frances
Lord Glamis
The Hon Alexander
Francis Bowes-Lyon
Captain The
Hon  Fergus
Lady Rose
Lieutenant Colonel
The Hon Michael
Claude Hamilton
The Hon Sir David
Phillip Mountbatton
(Prince) of Greece
and Denmark K.G.,
Duke of Edinburgh
born 1921 in Corfu,
Elizabeth II Queen of England (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) K.G., K.T. =
born 1926 at 17, Bruton Street, Mayfair, London.  Elizabeth was
crowned on 2nd June 1953, in Westminster Abbey, Queen of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland.  She is Head of the Commonwealth
and Queen of 12 other countries which have become independent
since her accession.  In 2015, she surpassed the reign of her great-
great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, to become the longest reigning
British monarch and the longest reigning queen regnant and female
head of state in world history.  In October 2016, she became the
longest currently reigning monarch and head of state following the
death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.
Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon =
(Margaret Rose) born 1930 at Glamis
Castle, Scotland died 2002 at king
Edward VII Hospital, London
Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones,
1st Earl of Snowdon born in London 1930
died 2017 in Kensington, London. He was
a well known photographer. They had one
son and one daughter
Anne Ferelith Fenella Bowes-Lyon = 1)
born 1917 in Washington DC died
1980. She became Princess of
Denmark by her second marriage
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas =2)
William Arnold 1913-1958.
He held the courtesy title of
Viscount Anson. They
divorced in  1948
1950 at Glamis Castle,
Prince Georg
Valdemar Carl Axel of
Denmark 1920-1986    
Lieutenant The =
Hon John
The Hon Fenella
Mary      = 2)
William Skinner
born 1692
born 1693
John Skinner  = 1)
born 1694
Samuel Skinner
born 1695
13th June 1743 Edward
Gilbert 1680 - 1762, of
St Paul’s Walden, Hert-
fordshire, son of John
Gilbert who died in 1707, grandson of John Gilbert,
Canon of Lichfield, who
died in 1660
Lancelot Skinner  =
born 1689
Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield 1939 -  =
2005. He inherited the Earldom of Lichfield from his
paternal grandfather in 1960. Patrick resided at
Shugburough Hall, Staffordshire. On leaving the
Grenadier Guards in 1962 he became a photographic
assistant and was selected to take the wedding
photographs of the Prince and Princess of Wales
in 1981 and as a result became one of the country’s
best known photographers who, from 1991 onwards,
became a pioneer of digital photography as a
professional standard.  A photograph taken by
Patrick of the Royal Family below :-
Charles Prince of Wales (Charles Phillip Arthur    = George) born 1948 at  Buckingham Palace, eldest
child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II.
Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay in
Scotland. Awarded a BA from Trinity College
Cambridge and served in the Royal Navy from
1971 to 1976. Charles also qualified as a
helicopter pilot at RNAS Yeovilton in 1974. He
is also passionately interested in environmental
and ecological issues.
1981 in St Paul’s = Cathedral Diana Princess of Wales
(Diana Frances) née Spencer.
Born 1961 and tragically killed
in a car crash in Paris in 1997
2005 Camilla Duchess of Cornwall (Camila Rosemary) née Shand.
Anne, Princess  =1)
Royal K.G., K.T. (Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise)
born 1950 at Clarence House, London.
Prince Edward, = Earl of Essex born 1964 at Buckingham Palace.
1999 in St George’s Chapel, Wind-sor Castle Sophie Rhys-Jones.
Prince Andrew, Duke = of York K.G. (Albert
Andrew Christian
Eward) born 1960 at Buckingham Palace.
He holds the rank of Commander and honorary rank of Vice
Admiral in the Royal Navy
1986 Sarah Ferguson youngest daughter of Major Ronald Ferguson and Susan Barrantes née Wright
1973 Captain =2)
Mark Phillips
born 1958.
Vice Admiral Sir Timothy James Hamilton Laurence born 1955 in Camberwell, London, son of Commander Guy Stewart Laurence RN.
1975 Lady Leonora Grosvenor daughter of
5th Duke of Westminster
They had one son and two daughters
They had one daughter and one son
They had two daughters
They had one son and one daughter
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge K.G., K.T. (William Arthur  =
Phillip Louis) born 1982 at St Mary’s Hospital, London. After
44 weeks training as an officer cadet “Wills” was commis-
sioned into the Blues and Royals then qualified as a pilot at
RAF Cranwell after which he underwent helicopter training
in order to become a search and rescue pilot with the RAF.
Finally he took up the role with the East Anglia Air
Ambulance, based in Cambidgeshire.
2011 at Westminster Abbey,
Catherine Duchess of
Cambridge (Catherine Elizabeth)
née Middleton born 1982 at the
Royal Berkshire Hospital,
Reading. “Kate” studied
St Andrews University where she
met William in 2001
Prince Henry of Wales K.C.V.O. (Henry Charles Albert  =
David) born 1984 at St Mary’s Hospital, London. He
was popularly known as “Prince Harry “ after training
at the RMA Sandhurst he was commissioned into the
Blues and Royals with whom he undertook active
service for 77 days in Helmand, Afghanistan. He
returned to Afghanistan for a 20 week deployment as
an Apache  helicopter pilot with the Army Air Corps.
Prince George of Cambridge born
2013 at St Mary’s Hospital, London
(George Alexander Louis)
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
born 2015 at St Mary’s Hospital
(Charlotte Elizabeth Diane)
Maria Jane Lyon 1768 - 1806. She married Col Barrington Price
Anna Maria Lyon 1770 - 1832
George Bowes-Lyon 1771 - 1806. He married Mary Thornhill
Sir Claude George Lyon-Bowes K.G., K.T. 14th =
Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, born 1855
in London,  died 1944 in Scotland
Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck
born 1862, died 1938 in London
Other Children:-  Hon. Francis Bowes-Lyon; Hon. Mildred Marion Jessup, (Lady.); Kenneth Bowes-Lyon;
Lady Constance Frances Blackburn and 10 others; Maud Agnes Bowes-Lyon; Herbert Bowes-Lyon; Patrick Bowes-Lyon,
(Major.); Evelyn Mary Bowes-Lyon; Hon. Malcolm Bowes-Lyon, (Lt-Col.); Anne Catherine Bowes-Lyon;
Rose Bowes-Lyon; M Bowes-Lyon; and Hon. Ernest Bowes-Lyon
Joséphine Benoit Coffin-Chenalier 1825 -
1874, daughter of a clock maker and an
Thomas Lyon-Bowes
1821, died in infancy
Thomas Lyon- Bowes, 12th
Earl of Strathmore and
Kinghorne 1822–1865
Charlotte Lyon-Bowes
Herbert Lyon-Bowes 1828, died in infancy
Arthur Lyon-Bowes
1830,died in infancy
Lady Frances Lyon-Bowes 1832–1903, raised to the rank
of an earl's daughter (with the style of Lady Frances) in
1847, married Hugh Charles Bettesworth Trevaniony
Lancelot Gilbert
born 1780, died
Mary Skinner 1697 - 1742 of St Paul’s Walden. She was buried in St Paul’s Walden Church. =
A stone above her tomb is inscribed with an impaled shield showing the arms of her hus-
band to the left and Mary’s (a chevron between 3 griffons - the Skinner arms) to the right
and the words: “Here lyeth the body of Mary (late wife of Edward Gilbert Esq, of the Bury
in this parish) who died the 2nd of September, MDCCLII in the XVVIth year of her age”.

Star (        ) denotes more information /picture
Mary Skinner 1697 - 1742 of St Paul’s Walden. She was buried in St Paul’s Walden Church.  A stone above her tomb is inscribed with an impaled shield showing the arms of her husband to the left and Mary’s (a chevron between 3 griffons - the Skinner arms) to the right and the words:  “Here lyeth the body of Mary (late wife of Edward Gilbert Esq, of the Bury in this parish) who died the 2nd of September, MDCCLII in the XVVIth year of her age”
“Impaled Arms” of
Mary Skinner
1697 - 1742
Prince Louis of Cambridge born on St
George’s, Day 23 Apr 2018 at St Mary’s
Hospital (Louis Arthur Charles)
19 May 2018 in St
George’s Chappel,
Duchess of Sussex
born  04 Aug 1981
Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor born 6 May 2019 at  Portland Hospital, Westminster, London